Stitch in the Ear!

23 Jan

Every January for the last few years my boyfriend and I had followed millions of people in the search for the best detox diet. We have tried everything from ‘Go Lower’ (where food is delivered directly to you door), Weight Watchers, no carbohydrate diets and even the watermelon and cabbage soup diet!

Alas, after loosing around a stone with each one, the weight piled back on and more after returning to normal food.

So my boyfriend, inspired by success stories and filled with the usual January enthusiasm, found himself being piled into a car to make the trek up to Hebden Bridge – a 41/2 hour journey each way. He visited an acupuncturist who claimed to have developed a miraculous technique of putting a stitch in the ear to help people lose weight by acting like a gastric band.

The cost of the treatment is £120 cash in hand and consists of a 40 minute talk followed by the application of the stitch! I was very dubious, partly by the cash in hand wording, so I stayed at home. Although I am very prepared to whizz straight to Hebden Bridge as soon as I see any sustainable weight loss!

The clinic is called Morningside Accupuncture Clinic ( and was established by Dr John Barry Landale who has been practicing neuro-acupuncture since the early 80’s. The clinic also offers a stitch which is said to help to stop smoking.

My boyfriend arrive at the clinic which is also Dr Landale’s home to be greeted by a small group of 8, who were also awaiting the same treatment. First up was the talk informing people of how it works. He was told that it works by stimulating the enzymes in the stomach which sends a message to your brain that you are full. So essentially you don’t want to eat as much. It is also supposed to put your liver into reverse osmosis so your body starts to eat its own fat. Sounds good!

Before you eat, you are supposed to tickle your ear for 30 seconds or so around 5-45 minutes before you eat. This stimulates the acupuncture point. In addition, you are told to reduce your portion size each day, eat less salt and avoid sugar. (Sounds like a diet to me!).

The stitch itself didn’t really hurt but felt similar to an injection. You have to clean the stitch with surgical spirit to avoid infection. The stitch should just fall out after time however there is a guide on how to remove it on the website.

Overall I am still dubious! Although it has definitely helped my boyfriend to become much more aware of portion size which isn’t a bad thing! So from that perspective whether it works or not, I am going to continue to positively encourage him. Surely having the belief that it will work means that it is more likely to have some effect!

Results so far are mixed, he has gone down an inch on his belt although I have it on good authority that hangover days are still not good!

Have any of you tried this treatment? Would love to hear your views?


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